Download the very best Mac apps : replacing native Mac apps

It has been developed at Carnegie Mellon by Jonathan Cohen, Matthew Flatt, Brian MacWhinney and Jefferson Provost for Mac OS 9 within the ’90s. Thanks to its creators, its code is currently public, beneath the GNU GPL license. It has been ported to OS X from the SISSA Language, Cognition and Development Lab, because of a collective effort sponsored by several labs.

DriveDx is surely an advanced drive-health diagnostic and monitoring utility. Save yourself from data loss and downtime which is connected with unexpected drive failures. Don’t worry about losing your important data, music, photos. Unlike most drive utilities, DriveDx not merely monitors the drive’s built-in S.M.A.R.T. status, but additionally analyzes the alterations of drive health indicators that are closely associated with SSD or HDD failures (like SSD degrade / endurance, reallocated bad sectors, offline bad sectors, pending sectors, I/O errors, plus much more) and alerts an individual immediately however fails. Our drive-healthMore…

One of the biggest drawbacks in using CSS sprites throughout the progression of an online site is that it takes time to make the sprite sheets, and above all, have them up-to-date. Indeed, every time a site evolves you might need to replace some icons, add a or remove those it is not necessary anymore. This means editing the sprited image to produce room for your new assets, reorganizing its layout if you value optimal performances, updating your CSS stylesheets”? All this tedious work may be delegated to Quick Sprites, making it possible to focus on what’s most critical: creating interesting and beautiful websites.

Just Checking is an application which enables you manage your checking accounts. It permits you to reconcile and prints checks and reports. The program supports multiple files. Features include password protection, payee list, memo list, import: QIF, QFX, OFX, JCK, JC3, TXT, CSV. A help file is protected.

Optimized & themed for iOS (iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad). Better yet, because it is a Web app, there isn’t any be concerned about upgrades or awaiting bug fix releases as it’ll be running the newest version. Save it to your dwelling screen for access using a single touch and you will never remember it’s really a Web app.

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